If your living conditions have changed so that the child custody order no longer corresponds to your situation, speak to an experienced family lawyer. A lawyer can help you get a new order that better fits the new realities of your life. Under Texas law, both parents can apply for a custody amendment at any time. The application must be filed with the court that granted the divorce, unless the child has moved. If this is the case, the case can be referred to the court of the new county of the child. The court can amend your orders to fairly share the increased costs. As a general rule, the court orders the person who has moved to pay the additional expenses. The court must believe that any change in orders is best for children. What a lot of people don`t know is that it`s really hard to change a geographic restriction in Texas after a divorce and custody. If your custody agreement contains a geographic restriction, which is an assumption in Texas, you must present exceptional circumstances to change them.

In this case, the court`s first choice for temporary custody must be the other parent. If cohabitation with the other parent is not in the best interests of the child, the second choice of the court must be a person designated by the military parent. The third election of the court would be a person elected by the court. The law does not explicitly state what is otherwise considered a ¬ęsubstantial and substantial change in circumstances.¬Ľ However, many court decisions talk about it. If you decide not to follow your court decision regarding the visit, the parent without a conservatory may submit the order to execute the order. If you think the order needs to be changed, you can submit a change. If you are concerned about your child`s health or safety with the other parent, you should consult a lawyer. If you need help finding a lawyer, you can: You can however request a change of custody before three years if the circumstances of the parents or children have changed significantly or substantially. This may be a change in the workplace (and pay) or an increase in the proven needs of children (for example. B the need for an additional remedial course or a newly discovered learning disability). Some Texas courts have ruled that a reduction in a parent`s salary could be a substantial and substantial change in the circumstances that support a change in custody. To find out if you can succeed in your modification suit, you should talk to a practicing lawyer in the county where your orders were signed.

The Harris County Law Library also has a research guide on family law if you need to explore the subject. It depends on that. If everyone accepts the changes and agrees to sign the necessary forms, a change can be made in a few days. TexasLawHelp.org contains instructions for undisputed costumes to change the parent-child relationship. Your changeable action is undisputed if it can be concluded by agreement or default. If you are already asked to pay for child care and it is withheld by your paycheck, contact the Attorney General`s Assistance Service, which provides this guide on how you can do so if your employment situation changes.