If your bill is likely to exceed $1,500, your lawyer will need to provide you with a notice of disclosure of fees when negotiating your cost agreement. A cost disclosure explains how they charge for the estimated total costs and costs. You can request a fee assessment by contacting your nearest courthouse. There is a fee to charge for a cost assessment and the expert the court appoints will also charge you. If the conditional cost agreement is an action for damages, legal fees may be limited to half the amount of compensation after payment of refunds and hard fees. This is sometimes referred to as the «50/50 rule.» A conditional cost agreement is similar to what is often called the «No Win, No Fee» agreement, but the main difference is the clause to increase legal fees, which must be charged up to 25% in the event of a favourable outcome. Whether a conditional cost agreement is appropriate for your case depends on the circumstances of the case and you should discuss this option with your lawyer at the beginning of a case. THIS IS A PREVIOUS DOCUMENT THAT CONTAINS DISCLOSURE REQUIREMENTS AND IS A COSTS AGREEMENT 1. For best practices and to ensure the best coverage of your costs, this agreement must be signed by you and the customer. 2. You must comply with S174 (3) of the LPUL – Appropriate Steps 3. For ILPs and ULS that provide both legal and other services, you must ensure compliance with disclosure obligations under Rule s107 LPUL and Rule 31 LPUGR. 4.

You should consider this previous document in the context of your practice as a lawyer. It may be necessary to include specific statements about your practice, such as: «This legal practice has no expertise in tax and financial advice.» THIS PAGE DOES NOT BE PART OF DISCLOSURE OR ACCORD AND MUST BE USED BEFORE THE DOCUMENT IS OF OCCASION V4/16 Disclosure agreement fees and fees This document, along with our terms and conditions, contains the terms of our offer, provide legal services for you and provide our contract of expense and disclosure according to the Legal Profession Uniforme Law (NSW). A. Size of work They ordered us [INSERT]. B. Fees [IF FIF FEE AGREEMENT – DELETE AS REQUIRED] We charge professional fees for the work we charge on a fixed basis of: [INSERT] plus GST – [IF TIME BASED FEE AGREEMENT – DELETE AS REQUIRED] We charge professional fees for the work we do on the basis of hourly rates. The hourly rates calculated by our professional employees are shown below: (a) [INSERT] plus GST . [INSERT] for a partner.