Typical management contracts stipulate that your boat will be maintained to the «highest industry standards» or similar wording. Unfortunately, this does not mean much. Here`s our most important tip: Join us! 2 Please check all pages – Page 2 of 6 1 In view of this agreement, CYC ACCEPTS: a. Advertise and promote the yacht for rent. b. Correspondence and acceptance of applications from potential charters. c. Provision of multiple registration charter services, by which the yacht is made available to the appropriate charter brokers to obtain the charter. d. Review each application, review references to the charter, qualify and approve potential charters. e. Accept deposits, payments and take care of financial details and Charter agreements. f.

Negotiate with charterers any fee adjustments where CYC believes the adjustments are warranted. LIKE WHAT. Loss of charter time due to equipment failure or when additional time is added to a simultaneous charter. g. Set charter pricing policies, including some promotional or discount policies to encourage additional charters. h. Establish inventory requirements for the owner`s vessel. i. Prepare recording lists, manuals, and all check-in and check-out tasks. 2 In the light of this CONTRACT, THE OWNER ACCEPTS: a.

Comply with all charters purchased and approved by CYC during the term of this Agreement. b. Prepare for the yacht charter and be available for CYC until April 15 of the charter season. The term charter ready represents the meaning of all ship stocks and systems, and all equipment must be in perfect complementary and operational condition. The soil must be free of growth, the tops must be clean and free of damage, all usable rigging and proper registration and insurance are in effect. c. Provide CYC with the requested information, including but not limited to inventory lists, documentation on the yacht manufacturer`s equipment and a charter management contract sixty (60) days prior to the first yacht charter of that season. d. Keep the yacht charter ready for each booked charter and for the duration of this agreement..